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Wuthering Heights
by Emily Bronte
Study Guide written by Brandon Barnes, PhD

The study guide includes an analysis of episodes, themes, symbols, and writing techniques. Questions and answers conclude the study.

John Donne Poems
Study Guide written by Cleatus Rattan, PhD

This study guide provides a thorough explication of poetic form and technique used in each of the selected poems. The explication includes identification of poem types, metrical patterns, rhyme  patterns and rhyme types, and figures of speech. Analysis of theme and meaning is also provided.  Questions and answers on each poem conclude the study.

A Raisin in the Sun
by Lorraine Hansberry
Study Guide by Amber Barnes,  MA

These study questions are designed to serve as a review of key elements in the play. Multiple choice questions are formulated similar to UIL style test questions.

A Guide to Poetry Analysis
by Connie Rattan, MA

This study guide is designed to provide both instruction and practice in literary analysis. A thorough examination of all styles of poetic technique including identification of types of poetry, rhythmic patterns, versification, figures of speech, types of rhyme and rhyme patterns will give the student confidence in understanding poems. All terms are taken from A Handbook to Literature by William Harmon, which helps prepare the students for the first set of questions on the literary criticism test as well as the analysis portion of the test.


The Literary Criticism practice tests are written in the UIL test format.  Questions are taken from literary terms and the poetry of John Donne, Lorraine Hansberry’s play A Raisin in the Sun, and Emily Bronte’s novel Wuthering Heights.

Delivery of the practice tests is scheduled for the first week of each month--October through March.

The Ready Writing prompts are carefully chosen to provide thought provoking and timely quotes that are formulated according to UIL format.  Subscribing to these prompts enables your school to enter The Writers’ Classic Ready Writing contest. Evaluations are $10.00 per paper.  Delivery dates are the first week of each month--October through March.  (Entry forms for the Writers’ Classic are mailed in the November and January mail-outs.)

The Current Issues and Events questions are timely state, national, and international topics.  They are researched for detail, depth, and intellectual value.  The questions are designed to challenge students, compatible with UIL style and format.  Sample essays are included. Delivery for this subscription is the first week of each month--October through March.

These topics are current, timely, domestic, and foreign.  They are studied for depth and value.  In addition, they are designed to provoke thought and motivate speakers in both informative and persuasive categories, while adhering to the traditional UIL style and format.  Delivery is scheduled for the first week of each month--October through March.

We will send all the subscriptions via electronic mail to the coaches’ e-mail addresses.  Those who order packets will receive October subscriptions hard copies with the packet in October. After the packet has been sent, all other monthly subscriptions will be sent via e-mail. (Be sure to include your email addresses.)  It is important to print your e-mail address carefully on the order form.  If you do not receive your monthly materials during the first week of each month, please contact me immediately.  


See our order form for more information.

If you do not receive our mail out that thoroughly explains all materials, e-mail Connie Rattan a connieratt@aol.com.